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The 2019 edition of the International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Methods and Applications to Circuit Design (SMACD) was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, as a forum devoted to modeling, simulation and synthesis for Analog, Mixed-signal, RF (AMS/RF) and multi-domain (MEMs, nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, biological, etc.) integrated circuits and systems. Experiences with modeling, simulation and synthesis techniques in diverse application areas are also welcomed. Objective technologies include CMOS, beyond CMOS, and More-than- Moore such as MEMs, power devices, sensors, passives, etc.

SMACD 2019 was Technically Co-sponsored by IEEE, IEEE CEDA and IEEE CAS. The conference proceedings were included in IEEExplore, and, a selection of papers were considered for a special issue of Integration, the VLSI Journal, Elsevier.

SMACD 2019 was co-located with the 15th Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME 2019).

SMACD and PRIME 2019 program can be found here.

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